New Deus Ex, Commandos and Hitman sequels confirmed

Details of a slew of new games from Eidos have been leaked after the company's most recent financial report found its way on to the net - and it appears as if previously unannounced new incarnations of Deus Ex, Commandos and Hitman are in the pipeline.

The Deus Ex game has been described as a multiplayer action outing while the new Commandos title will reportedly be a tactical-shooter - something of a departure from the series' current incarnation as a squad-based RTS. Meanwhile, the report also confirms that there are already plans for a fourth Hitman game, which is currently rumoured to be titled Hitman: Blood Money, and a second Backyard Wrestling scrap-'em-up.

Equally intriguing is the mention of two entirely new franchises: 25 to Life, which sounds like a gritty prison shock-'em-up to us, and Crash 'n' Burn, which we reckon could be a Burnout-style arcade-racer. The report also mentions the previously-announced Tomb Raider 7 and Championship Manager 5. All these games are due for release during Eidos' 2005 financial year (which runs from July 2004 to June 2005).

Finally, the report also refers to a sequel to well-regarded action-shooter Freedom Fighters, the original incarnation of which was released by Electronic Arts in September, although a potential release date for that wasn't mentioned.