NBA 2K16 Special Edition has (almost) everything you need to be Michael Jordan

As the video game industry is wont to do, 2K Games has decided to create a special edition of its upcoming game. NBA 2K16 Special Edition will feature a unique cover and all manner of in-game goodies dedicated to the hoop god (sorry, Hoop Gawd), Michael Jordan. Snagging yourself a copy of the Special Edition will net you:

A Michael Jordan NBA 2K16 poster, a Jordan Fathead wall cling, a digital Jordan wardrobe for your MyPlayer - consisting of shirt, shoes and jersey - 30,000 virtual currency, three MyTeam VIP+ emerald packs and a new special edition exclusive moments card. You'll also be able to take to the court four days earlier than standard edition copies of NBA 2K16, which will be released on September 29.

What, no Bugs Bunny teammate DLC? Do we not all agree that Space Jam was a very important part of Jordan's career?

Sam Prell

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