'Mistaken' Xbox One release makes for some un-Happy War-riors

Developers sometimes release games too early, knowing that they're full of potential issues and just hoping to get them out the door. But in the case of Happy Wars for Xbox One, the developers didn't actually intend to release it yet, and the "system glitch" that set it live on the download store is causing a frustrating issue for players.

According to a Facebook post from Toylogic, loyal Happy Wars soldiers who played the game's accidentally released Xbox One version are being left unable to play the Xbox 360 version of the game. They'll have to wait until Happy Wars' next title update on Xbox 360 to rejoin the endless (and endlessly cheerful) conflict. The Xbox One version appears to have been pulled from the store at this point, but if you already installed it, don't play it yet!

Toylogic says it will announce a release date for the Xbox 360 title update, and more info for those who already played and installed the Xbox One version, soon. It also plans to officially launch the Xbox One version in the near future.

Happy Wars was the first free-to-play game to release on Xbox 360 in 2012, and its PC version hit Steam last year.

Connor Sheridan

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