Mega Man 9 – the awesome unboxing

Mega Man 9 is nearly upon us. Yesterday werevealed two new bossesfrom the game, Splash Woman and Plug Man, and today we’re slapping up some pics of the delightfully retro asset package.

Sound boring? Hm, then perhaps you should see for yourself:

Yes, it comes in an old box and NES cart, intentionally aged and gritted up to look like they just dug it up out of grandma’s attic.

It even has fake price tags!

Don’t blow in the carts, kids! It does nothing!

Inside the cart is the new asset disc, which we’ll be uploading the contents of shortly. Check thescreenshot viewer!

And there’s the disc itself. Excellent idea, Capcom PR. Simply wonderful.

Sep 18, 2008

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