Lords of the Fallen devs detail The Surge, a sci-fi action RPG with neck bolts

The studio behind 2014's Lords of the Fallen, a stylized Dark Souls-like action RPG, is getting ready to take another swing at the genre - though for its next game, Deck13 is trading armor and swords for exosuits and sci-fi weaponry.

Speaking to Polygon, Deck13 explained that players will take control of an ordinary man in a dangerous future where a technological society has collapsed. Though not trained as a fighter, the man will wear a reinforced exoskeleton that can be upgraded using a new crafting system. Players will gather resources for this system by targeting cybernetic enemies' limbs and harvesting them. So, kind of like Elysium meets Dead Space by way of an action RPG.

A Deck13 PR representative acknowledged how closely the studio's previous game resembled From Software's infamous Souls games, but remarked that the team wants to make sure they leave their own mark on the genre this time around. We'll find out if he's right in 2017.

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Sam Prell

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