Konami still shelling out

Konami is releasing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare this April but, with Ubisoft snapping up the rights to create a game based on the upcoming Turtles computer animated feature film, this may be the last in the current series.

Konami's Turtle games are based on the animated series which uses a cel-shaded look to replicate the style of the show. Even story mode's 60 missions are split into episodes as the four half-shelled heroes attempt to save the planet from the 'Mutant Nightmare' which comes in the form of the evil Triceratons.

Turtles 3 includes a new Ougi Attack, the power of which can be built up by defeating several opponents and then, when unleashed, allows all four turtles to join in one huge special attack.

There are Score and Time Attack modes to complete as well as an arcade mode which, when unlocked, features a perfect conversion of the Turtles in Time arcade game.