Interstellar Marines report for duty

Interstellar marines teaser (MOV, 17.8MB)- right click to save

Friday 5 May 2006
Developer Zero Point Software has released a new trailer and shots of its PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC first-person shooter, Interstellar Marines.

Previously known as Project IM, the game is set at the dawn of the 22nd century when mankind is slowly attempting to colonise space in search of more resources. Gamers will take the role of a marine on tour of duty protecting Earth's interest in the most hostile of intergalactic settings.

While the premise is not a particularly original one, Interstellar Marines will soon capture the imagination once you've seen the new trailer, as the visuals are truly stunning. The game uses Epic Game's Unreal Engine 3, allowing for moody lighting effects, intricate detail and convincing animation.

The trailer reveals how the Interstellar Marine teams work together to secure areas, some of the weaponry they have at their disposal and the type of extra-terrestrial terrors they will have to deal with. There are elements of Halo, Doom and any action sci-fi movie you'd care to mention in there and it makes for intense viewing.

The game can be played as a single player experience or with three other gamers for squad based co-operative gameplay. It will also have custom game modes that incorporate tactical, arcade and RPG elements.