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GTFO is Left 4 Dead crossed with Alien: Isolation, and has a new expedition to show off

(Image credit: 10 Chambers)

"The elevator pitch would be Left 4 Dead crossed with Alien: Isolation," explains Simon Viklund, co-founder of 10 Chambers, of the studio's cult game GTFO. He appeared on our PAX East 2020 livestream to show off one of the game's new expeditions. If you missed it, and have nerves of steel, you can check it out below.

"The game lives like a string of time-limited events, pretty much," explains Viklund. "We're not building a long campaign where there's like 24 maps and that's it. The game was released with six maps and we call that set of maps a rundown. When we've created a new set of maps, we'll wipe that rundown so you can never play any of those maps ever again, you can only play the new set of maps."

It's a daring strategy, and one that Viklund hopes will keep the community on its toes, and focused on the same challenges. 

GTFO was released in Steam Early Access on December 9 for PC last year, and has gained a community of dedicated players since then. GTFO is no walk in the park, but then you wouldn't expect a survival horror first-person shooter this group of developers, which includes some who worked on the Payday franchise, to be anything else. 

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