Gabe returns to Syphon Filter

Gabe Logan, the star of Sony's black-opsthriller seriesSyphon Filter, is back to save the planet, this time in the PSP action game Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror.

After being reported as missing in action after his last mission, and playing only a small part in the disappointing PS2Syphon Filter: Omega Strain, Gabe Logan is back to fight global terror, this time attempting to retrieve a deadly weapon called Dark Mirror.

The gameplay is part stealth, part blasting as Logan attempts to infiltrate enemy strongholds all around the globe and take them down from the inside. Trying to prevent him doing so are guards equipped with new AI which will challenge Logan's ability to neutralise the enemy accurately and silently.

There's a total of 23 single-player missions, plus a bonus mission that, apparently, will clarify the ending of Omega Strain. There are also five online maps for multiplayer wi-fi play.

After thedisappointment of Omega Strain, here's hoping thatDark Mirror can replicate the successSyphon Filterhad on PSone with its PSP outing.