Classic game characters invade the real world

You hear it all the time: “people who play games need to get out more often.” Well, at least, you do if you hang out at old-age homes not equipped with Wiis, or frequent forums for self-hating gamers. Obviously that's a patent falsehood: 2011's player is a well-rounded individual with myriad interests and enthusiasms. Indeed, some of them are so passionate about getting out in the world that they bring their favorite old-school game characters with them.

The fun-loving games boffins atGameSetWatchuncovered thisFlickr streamof wide-open vistas visited by figures as diverse as Link, Billy and Jimmy Lee and that much-maligned pooch from Duck Hunt. It's not clear whether the characters took the pictures themselves or had an onlooker snap them; in any case, UK designerAled Lewis(whose Flickr includes plenty of other visual puns on old-school gaming) deserves a pat on the back for putting this collection of candid snaps together. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Jan 19, 2011