Caught in Charlotte's Web

Sega is releasing a game of the forthcoming movie Charlotte's Web, which in turn is an adaptation of the classic EB White book, for DS and PC this fall.

The story follows the efforts of farmyard pig Wilbur as he tries to avoid ending up on the farmer's dinner table at the end of the season. Enlisting the help of his best friend and confidant Charlotte the spider, he hatches a plot to escape the chop.

Gamers control Wilbur or Templeton the rat in order to explore four large areas in the game - Zuckerman's barn, a junkyard, the countryside and the county fair. Along the way you will encounter other characters from the book who will request that various tasks be completed, such as collecting Gussy the goose's hatchlings.

Above:You won't be all that surprised to learn that Sonic Team isn't developing this.

The DS version will use the touch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity to offer four-player action with the various unlockable minigames. There will also be a mode that allows gamers to play as Wilbur's young owner Fern, then tend and care for the bacon-to-be in a virtual pet way. Yes, you get to unlock a pet pig simulator.

May 5, 2006