Bloody circus shooting

You know that insatiable need we all have to violently explode evil clowns and mutated gorillas? You'll be able to fuel that fire early next year with arcade-shooter Cash Money Chaos, which, on paper, sounds like a pretty hot blend of PlayStation classic Loaded and Smash TV.

Chaos is offering up 50 overhead levels swarming with grotesque enemies, collectible prizes and, of course, all sorts of belt-fed power-ups. You'll be running though an alien playground, made up to look something like a '70s game show - this loose, otherworldly interpretation of our culture leads to questionable shootouts in circus tents, graveyards and other similarly related locales.

The game comes from Sony Online Entertainment, so it's no surprise that Cash is well represented online. It'll support an eight-player versus match or four-player co-op mode, where you take the team through 10 seasons of bloody TV. And yes, that's actual infrastructure online, not just local ad-hoc.

Online leader boards, a "rockin' punk soundtrack" and even more ways to "get your death on" should make Chaos a multiplayer madhouse when it finally ships.

August 9, 2006