Battlefield 2142 gets new expansion

Is there no hope for the future?Not if Battlefield 2142 has anything to say about it, prognosticating a world riddled with nasty skirmishes. The new expansion, Northern Strike, sees the Pan-Asian Coalition and the European Union having it out over the crumbs of civilization, making a big to-do over the icier sections of our poor, fractured planet.

Adding even more space to a series renowned for its vast real estate, Northern Strike brings three new maps, and just so you don’t catch your death out there, they’re throwing in plenty of new rides to take you back to a place where vehicular manslaughter will earn you medals instead of jail time. The booster pack will also introduce the new Conquest Assault Lines game mode in addition to bringing Titan mode in an urban setting.

Above: Apparently, Al Gore worries too much

Damn,packing heat in the snowseems to be all the rage now. Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike is currently set for release this March.Click the Images and/or Movies tab tosee some screenshots and thetrailer.

January 19, 2007