New shots of Mobile Suit Gundam

[PS3] Ginormous mountains of metal get trigger-happy in handful of screens

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Today, publisher Namco Bandai announced that the latest installment in giant-robot saga Mobile Suit Gundam will arrive on the PlayStation 3 this year. To accompany the release, we've got some fresh screens of the new game - simply called Mobile Suit Gundam at the moment - which you can check out by hitting the Images tab above.

When we saw the game for the first time at the E3 expo in May, it looked to be a standard third-person action game - albeit with beautifully rendered giant robots. That said, Mobile Suit Gundam has had some time to percolate since then, so we're looking forward to seeing it in more finished form soon - hopefully atTokyo Game Show this September.

When it's finished, the game will be set in "the latter stages of The One Year War," a terrible military conflict from the storied anime series, according to the announcement. The game willenable players to command a squad of giant robots for either side of the conflict.

More interestingly for anyone who isn't a fan of the franchise, it'll let players level entire cities, and will feature robots with individual parts that can be sheared off or blown apart. And if that doesn't sound cool on some level, then you're probably already dead inside.

August 8, 2006


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