Naruto steps out of the ring

[PS2] Newly announced Uzumaki Chronicles to be boy ninja's first US console action title

The flood of Naruto games hitting stores this year won't let up anytime soon, as publisher Namco Bandai announced today that the orange-clad ninja-in-training will finally take center stage in an action game to be released this winter. Arriving hot on the heels of Naruto's third fighting game (Clash of Ninja 2, due out next month), Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles will put players in Naruto's shoes as he fends off fellow students and engages in "large-scale ninja combat."

Promising minigames, RPG-style character upgrades and an entirely new story, Uzumaki Chronicles doesn't sound too bad. We're not sure yet how it'll play, but in the meantime, we've got a few new screens to show you; just hit the Images tab above to check them out.

August 2, 2006


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