Mega Man 9 – the awesome unboxing

NES-style cart package melts hearts, warms soul

Mega Man 9 is nearly upon us. Yesterday werevealed two new bossesfrom the game, Splash Woman and Plug Man, and today we%26rsquo;re slapping up some pics of the delightfully retro asset package.

Sound boring? Hm, then perhaps you should see for yourself:

Yes, it comes in an old box and NES cart, intentionally aged and gritted up to look like they just dug it up out of grandma%26rsquo;s attic.

It even has fake price tags!

Don%26rsquo;t blow in the carts, kids! It does nothing!

Inside the cart is the new asset disc, which we%26rsquo;ll be uploading the contents of shortly. Check thescreenshot viewer!

And there%26rsquo;s the disc itself. Excellent idea, Capcom PR. Simply wonderful.

Sep 18, 2008

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