GUN Showdown moseying to PSP

Publisher Activision has announced that last year's go-anywhere, kill-anything Wild West shooter GUN is sauntering its way to PSP this fall in the shape of GUN Showdown.

For the uninitiated, GUN tells the decidedly un-PC story of Colton White, a hunter-turned-gunslinger out for revenge after his dad is killed. A sort of Grand Theft Equine, GUN lets players blow apart cowboy and Apache heads, steal horses and explore a decent-sized Western landscape as they take on missions and hunt for bounties. Showdown promises all the gunslinging action of the original, as well as some new side missions and a few "quick-play" modes created especially for the handheld edition.

Above: Strap on the spurs of vengeful gunslinger Colton White for some portable Wild West retribution.

Men with no name will be able to posse up and paint the town red with the new multiplayer modes, while mysterious "gameplay features unique to the PSP system" will also be part of the deal. To check out the first four shots of Showdown, take careful aim at the images tab above.


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