Biggest money makers of 2006

Pop Quiz, readers: What defines success in the gaming business? Critical appreciation? Animated spin-offs? Okay, pencils down. Those who answered "Money" get a gold star, although partial credit will be awarded to those who guessed "Cosplay Recognition." Our buddies over at Next Generation ran through the numbers with a fine-toothed comb and came up with a definitive look on who made bank in 2006. It's an incredibly comprehensive and insightful look at the financial dealings of the industry, and it's chock full of more pie charts and bar graphs than you can shake a laser pointer at. (Potential Wii attachment?)

The piece even contains a detailed list of the top 100 money making games  of last year. Take one drink for every Tom Clancy game, act surprised at the surplus of EA games, or simply count just how much Hannah Montana outranks Okami and marvel at the unfairness of it all.

And would you look at that - your friends at GamesRadar even got some blurbs on the list, thus validating an entire year of tireless gaming reportage. Go check it out and keep an eye out for your favorite GamesRadar scribe. Don't have one? Get one. May we recommend newcomer, Nick Suttner. Nick is a Virgo who gained internet notoriety in the late nineties for his infamous Sonic Sonnets, and is the only living person to complete every game in the Army Men and Lizzie McGuire series in single lifetime. Let's show him some love, people.

February 12, 2007


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