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The man behind Nathan Drake says fans 'don't want an Uncharted movie'

Even Nathan Drake himself may not be enough to please Uncharted fans, should a film based on Naughty Dog's treasure hunting series ever come to fruition. Speaking to GameNewsOfficial, Drake voice and body actor Nolan North said he believes fans are too emotionally invested in the game version of the plucky rogue to accept anyone else in the role.

"From what I've heard from fans, they don't want an Uncharted movie, no matter who's the star of it," he said. "Even me, with my face as Nathan Drake. They might recognise the voice but I don’t even know if they’d accept me." North also expressed doubt as to the financial viability of the film, what with poor domestic reception of Hitman: Agent 47 and other video game film adaptations.

Despite all of the above, an Uncharted movie is still on Sony's release calendar - though it's now been delayed to summer of 2017. The new release date also gives the Assassin's Creed movie, due December 21, some breathing/stabbing room.

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Sam Prell
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