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Shenmue lives! But here comes the but...

Fans will remember there was a Shenmue Online planned at one point, although it's doubtful this has much at all to do with that project. There's not much else to go on, sadly, but it is said to be one of the premiere titles on the service, alongside One Million Person Ambition of Nobunaga from Tecmo Koei and Persona Social from Atlus.

Above: No wonder Shenhua has such a cheeky smile - she probably knew about this one all along

Shenmue City will be released before the end of the year. And, while it's unlikely Ryo Hazuki will get his revenge on Lan Di in the game, it perhaps means that he's still got a chance to do it at some point in the future. The optimist in me says 3DS would be the perfect place for it, but that's honestly the sound of desperate straw-clutching. Feel free to clutch at more in the comments.


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