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iPhone Game of the Day: Iron Man 2

Game: Iron Man 2
Price: £3.99/$6.99
Size: 240MB
Buy it now from the iTunes store

Iron Man 2 delivers a free-roaming 3D environment that you can walk, hover and glide around with a freedom highly reminiscent of the Spider-Man PS2 games. You can almost hear your iPhone groaning with the strain of the game engine, but it's smooth, controllable and varied in its gameplay.

The missions are the usual escort this/defuse that/destroy everything fodder, but it's well paced and enjoyable. Throwing objects like the Hulk is fun, as is smashing the ground with your feet. With full voicing and detailed characters, it's a slick actioner that makes up for its occasional duff moments with a great sensation of freedom and power.

Above: Escorting a news helicopter high above Times Square is cool

Above: Bomb disposal minigames are easy but a nice change of pace

Above: Flying is undoubtedly the best bit and you can land any time

Above: The environments are varied and often large

11 May, 2010

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