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Here's what Doctor Strange would have looked like in Disney Infinity (before it was canned)

Disney Infinity is done, meaning no more of Disney's various and sundry franchises will be rendered in NFC-enabled plastic after the Finding Dory playset arrives this month. It was a big enough bummer before, but now that Infiniteer Adventures has dug up a near-final render of the planned Doctor Strange figurine, it's even worse. Take a look.

Pretty much all of Disney Infinity's character designs looked cool, especially those repping the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Benedict Cumberbatch as the good doctor looks downright magical. Yeah, some of that detailing probably would have been lost in the translation from concept to real-life figurine. But it would still be a killer design even without the tiny folds in his robe.

Doctor Strange will arrive in theaters on November 4, 2016, at which point you'll just have to imagine what it would be like to carry a tiny version of him around and tap him on things.

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