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8 things to watch out for this week

Deadpool 2, God of War, Shenmue, Disenchantmet

1. Finally watch Deadpool 2’s outrageous Super Duper $@%!#& Cut when it hits home release this week

Deadpool 2 will soon be out on DVD and Blu-ray (in the US at least - UK fans will have to wait until September 17) and if there’s one movie you want to take home with you this year, it sounds like it’s going to be Deadpool 2. While the film didn’t quite pack the same punch as the original, the extras sound out of this world and star Ryan Reynolds even recently said that they had so much fun shooting different jokes in each take that there’s enough bonus material to basically make another movie! The home release includes a Super Duper $@%!#& Cut of the film with an extra 15 minutes footage, as well as plenty of deleted and extended scenes, including that baby Hitler scene, which had to be cut for being too shocking… trust me, you’re going to want to watch that! Plus, there’s a must-watch gag reel, audio commentary by Reynolds which you know will be hilarious, and a three minute monologue which has to been seen to be believed. Pre-order it now and thank me later. Lauren O’Callaghan

What: Deadpool 2 comes to DVD and Blu-Ray
Where: US
When: August 21, 2018

2. The God of War New Game Plus mode is a great addition, but it doesn't make up for a lack of story DLC

God of War New Game Plus

To mark its four month anniversary (seriously, where has 2018 gone), God of War is getting a New Game Plus mode that is going to raise the stakes again for Kratos and Atreus. Like other of the best New Game Plus modes out there, it offers you the chance to go back to the start of the game again, but with all the armour, enchantments, resources and other abilities you've amassed on your first playthrough. You'll be able to use all of that stuff to arm yourself against higher level enemies on your journey to the mountain and back again. Plus, you'll unlock new customisation options through new armour sets and enchantments, along with collecting Skap Slag, a new rarity level of equipment to craft and upgrade, despite the fact it sounds like something awful you find on the bottom of your shoe. But honestly, although New Game Plus does tempt me to wade back into Midgard again (even after getting the Platinum), it doesn't quite replace my deep-seated longing for some story DLC. I know, I know, Sony Santa Monica has repeatedly said there isn't any on the cards, but there are plenty of gaps in the story to fill with some hearty story DLC. Freya backstory anyone? Prequel content? Just a few minutes of Atreus hanging out with his mum? Yes, I am that hungry for more God of War. But you know I'm already pulling back on my gauntlets for New Game Plus. Sam Loveridge

What: God of War New Game Plus mode
When: August 20
Where: PS4 in your existing God of War game

3. Shenmue and its equally legendary sequel get remastered. But will this mark the return of the king, or is it just an exercise in giant-killing?

Shenmue is one of the all-time landmarks in gaming history. Shaking established notions of RPG design out of complacency, while also reimagining what a video game world could even be, Yu Suzuki’s real-world, ‘80s Japan-set revenge story looked, felt, and operated unlike anything that had existed before. With a focus on day-to-day humanity and the granular detail of living, breathing, urban environments, it was one of the most transportive games ever made. To play Shenmue was to live in Shenmue, a place where no detail was too small to include, no action was too mundane to engage with, and magic and mythology were (mostly) seen as silly distractions. And, in the long, slow build-up to the long-delayed Shenmue 3, we have both existing games coming to current-gen as remasters. Theoretically, this is all Shemue needs to build a new audience ahead of its upcoming next instalment. But will it really work with the uninitiated? The thing is, as brilliant as Shenmue and Shenmue 2 are, in the series’ absence, their uniqueness has been superseded. The barnstorming Yakuza series has long-since picked up Shenmue’s modern-day, slice-of-life RPG conceit and run with it (admittedly in a sillier direction), and Shenmue’s broader influence has now filtered down into a huge spectrum of modern games, from Grand Theft Auto to Animal Crossing. Shenmue is still wonderful, of course, but it’ll be interesting to see whether it can still make an impact with first-timers, or will only excite the nostalgia crowd. David Houghton

What: Shenmue and Shenmue remaster
When: August 21
Where: PS4, Xbox One, PC

4. Has Fortnite’s Summer Skirmish finally found its sweet spot?

After the first week of Fortnite’s eight-week long Summer Skirmish went...well, disastrously (to put it mildly), now it looks like the event has finally cracked it. Recently Fortnite has made efforts to rectify the issues they found at the beginning of the Summer Skirmish series, such as (get ready) players avoiding combat in order to win, no team communication, confusions about rules, and it just being a general mess. It’s currently in its sixth week of multiplayer mayhem, where players have a chance of winning a share of the $8 million pot, and they’ve changed it up with the new points-based Kingpin format. In week five Kingpin gave players a point for each kill, with a victory royale granting you three times the points for each elimination in your next game. So that means that - unlike in the first couple of weeks of Summer Skirmish - gamers aren’t playing it safe and avoiding combat in order to win overall, but rather competing aggressively which is exactly what punters like us want to see. They've also included more team chat in the streams, so we now have an insight into how the teams are strategizing rather than just building a base and playing the waiting game. Hopefully week six will continue this promising streak, and treat us to some tantalising matches. Zoe Delahunty-Light

What: Fortnite Summer Skirmish
When: Saturday August 18
Where: Fortnite's Twitch channel

5. Battlefield 5 is getting a second closed alpha, so start keeping your eyes out for some hot, hot gossip

Alphas and betas are basically this generation's version of a demo disc. You know the ones? The kind you used to get strapped to the front of a magazine and would play for hours and hours on end. Oh, just me? Anyway, these testing periods are a great way for developers to interact with their fans, give them early access to the game and access what probably ends up being truckloads of feedback. EA has already had one closed alpha for Battlefield 5, but now the publishing giant is hosting another, by invitation only I'm afraid folks. However, what will be interesting is that no doubt among those privileged invitees are streamers and other such notable figures that are bound to have an opinion or two of where DICE's latest creation is heading. The Black Ops 4 beta has been running for the past few weekends, and players have been fairly vocal on what they think of Treyarch's multiplayer-focused Call of Duty entry, so expect more of the same for Battlefield 5. And if you want the hot gossip straight from DICE, keep your peepers peeled on the official Battlefield blog to see what the studio takes from the community's feedback and tweaks in the game. Sam Loveridge

What: Battlefield 5 closed alpha
Where: PC, by invitation only
When: Right now

6. There’s a free Rainbow Six Siege weekend so you can try the game 35 million people play

For those a bit low on number smarts, 35 million is lots. Let’s count together: one, two, lots - so Rainbow Six Siege’s brand of multiplayer base storming must be doing something right, and this weekend you can see what that is for no money. The basic concept is simple - one team has to fortify an area and defend it, while the other team has to fight their way in. To achieve that the game’s characters, called Operators, have a plethora (lots, again) of abilities from spy drones, to mines, X-ray sensors to shields, that make every game a meta-matching hot pot with countless abilities and counter-abilities to balance, prepare for and deal with. If you’re looking for a meatier online challenge where tactics and planning really, really matter then taste the Rainbow this weekend (sorry, not sorry). Leon Hurley

What: Rainbow Six Siege free weekend
Where: PS4, Xbox One and PC
When: Now - August 20

7. Matt Groening’s new fantasy animation has the style, but what about the substance?

When it comes to adult animation, it’s tough to find two names bigger than The Simpsons and Futurama. The former is a genuine global phenomenon, and arguably one of the best TV shows ever made, while the latter has one of the most passionate fan-bases out there, which has turned it into something of a cult classic. No pressure, then, on Disenchantment - the next big thing from Matt Groening and many of the same people who worked on his previous shows. We’ve been lucky enough to see the whole first season now and… well, it doesn’t quite live up to the majesty of its predecessors. The setting is rich with potential, and there are some great jokes to be had, but many of the characters seem to fall quite flat in this first season. Looking back on the likes of The Simpsons, that did have quite an innocuous start, so we’re hoping Disenchantment finds its stride in later seasons, but basically this first outing isn’t quite as good as it could have or should have been. Shame, but having said all that, it’s well worth checking out, and at 30 mins an episode it’s an easy, funny binge. Andy Hartup

What: Disenchantment season 1
Where: Netflix, worldwide
When: All episodes available now

8. Tune in to Gamescom After Dark for exclusive Anthem, Forza Horizon 4, Sekiro, and Destiny 2 demos and interviews!

GamesRadar's GamesCom After Dark show

Gamescom is here yet again, all prepped and ready for thousands of eager fans and devs to descend and show off everything from AAA games to fantastic indies. Even if you’re not there yourself, you can get an insider’s peek into what makes those games tick with Gamescom After Dark, GamesRadar’s very own show hosted in association with Honor! Our video team James Jarvis, Zoe Delahunty-Light, and Brandon Salt will be talking to the people behind Anthem, Forza Horizon 4, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Destiny 2, and many, many more titles about what’s in store for gamers, all accompanied by some delicious demos and live playthroughs. Tune in on Wednesday August 22nd and Thursday August 23rd from 7PM CEST / 6PM BST / 10AM PT / 1PM ESTon our Twitch channel to treat your eyes to all the delights in store! Zoe Delahunty-Light

What: Gamescom After Dark
When: Wednesday August 22 - Thursday August 23
Where: GamesRadar’s Official Twitch channel

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