Soul Calibur Legends announced

Amidst all the other news flooding our inbox this week from EA, Sega, Square, Ubi-soft and Aunt Gertrude - Namco-Bandai hit us with a bit of a surprise by announcing Soul Calibur: Legends, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. It's been over a decade since Soul Edge made arcades everywhere its bitch, and this Soul spin-off is the first entry of series' to slice through the curtain and step onto the next-gen stage.

According to the press release, we won't see the traditional fencing-match-gone-horribly-wrong gameplay that's won the series its accolades in the past. Instead, Legends will bea "third person action adventure" that implements the Wii's remote and Nunchuk attachment as your instuments of slice and dice. Taking place during the 16th century, Legends will also feature many of the Caliber crew we've some to know and love.A departure for sure, but hey, it worked for Mortal Kombat. Oh, wait... it most certainlydidn't.

Cynicism aside,it's hard not to get excited about theWii-ification, given that Soul Calibur has always been a game concerned with the tangible things of life. And harnessing the power of skin separation, wieldingall methods of stabbery, with our own two hands is enoughto get us giddy. Plus, Namco Bandai deserves some credit for having the creative fortitude to not include the word "sword" in the game's title.

Above: The closest this visual will get toyour Wii is on the box art

May 11, 2007