Ready for The Regiment?

Konami has slipped us a dossier of screens for The Regiment, a tactical squad shooter that orders you into the ranks of Britain's Special Air Service, and has confirmed that it will be released for PC on 17 February

Forged with the help of a former SAS veteran, The Regiment puts a heavy emphasis on realism, demanding that missions are completed using 'accepted and established techniques' - though there's also an arcade mode for trigger happy gamers to select for instant action.

Missions take you from the mahogany halls of the Houses of Parliament to a heavily armed siege set on the London Underground, as you quell terrorists and rescue hostages with the help of your three squad mates. An online mode for four players is also promised.

With the London Underground a potentially touchy choice of setting - originally, The Regiment was due out last summer - we're looking forward to seeing if the gameplay lives up to developer Kuju's convictions.

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