Godfather controls revealed

We reportedearlierabout The Godfather coming to Wii later this year, but now we've got a trailer explaining exactly how the motion controls will affect the game. Judging from the movie (easily accessed via the Movies tab above), you'll be mimicking such moves as bat swinging, car driving and head-splattering. Up to this point, all the Wii motion activities were wholesome and fun for everyone. Now we've got to wrap our hands around disobedient thugs' necks and squeeze until the sweet release of death embraces their battered bodies. Could be fun, but how you act out "extort?"

The dude playing Blackhand Edition in this video seems to be intentionally keeping a straight face, trying not to look too excited about acting out a headbutt or throwing someone off the second floor balcony. Just let it loose, man - it's only a matter of time before someone finally notices that Wii games are having the kiddies act out violent moves.

Will these subtle changes be enough to play the game all over again? Maybe, but as far as new content goes, it looks like the PS3 version (dubbed The Don's Edition) comes out ahead.

January 12, 2007

Brett Elston

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