Clive Barker strikes three-game deal

Clive Barker's involvement with the videogame world will extend far beyond Codemasters' Jericho, it's emerged.

Next Gen (opens in new tab) reports that, during this week's Hollywood and Games Summit, the horror author revealed that he has entered into three further game deals.

Barker, described as a visual artist along with being an author, said "...when I look at the images [in games] and their clarity, their precision, I think any artist would be a fool not to want to be involved with that."

He didn't elaborate on the three further projects he's involved with beyond Jericho, but did explain he believes in games "and what they can be," describing games from an artist/design point of view as "a wonderful playground."

"...Gaming is a great way to do what we need as human beings... to take ourselves away from the impressive, sometimes depressing facts of our lives and go somewhere where we have our own controls," Barker said.

January 27, 2007