Classic Flash game Robokill goes to iPad

One of the biggest disappointments about the iPad is that it can't play Flash content on the Internet. But that's not stopping developers of popular Flash games from reaching out to the Apple device... it just means they have to rework the game to fit Apple standards. The latest to do so are the people behind Robokill.

Robokill is a top-down strategy/action game in which players walk around to collect items and power-ups, shop for equipment upgrades, and, of course, shoot everything to oblivion.

The iPad version of the game, which includes brand new levels and graphics, has a total of 460 levels. That should keep even the most hardcore of gamers occupied for quite a while. Speaking of hardcore, there are also 13 additional missions designed specifically for the most hardened players out there.

The game comes from developer Wandake, which has ported over other Flash games to the iPhone, including The Gun Game and Wake Up the Box.

Robokill for iPad is available now as 'Robokill - Rescue Titan Prime' for $7.99.

[Source:Pocket Gamer]

Nov 8, 2010