Build your own shooter in Blast Works for Wii

Just-announced Blast Works for the Wii will let you create your very own side-scrolling shoot-'em-up thanks to what the game's publisher Majesco describes as "easy-to-use, multiple in-game editors."

Players are able to build their own levels, ships and enemies, and adding further spice to the variety, you can "absorb" pieces and weapons of destroyed enemy ships to boost your own defenses during battle.

"This exceptional customization combined with the unique "stickiness" of enemy debris and bright geometric graphics delivers a standout game that never plays the same way twice," enthuses Majesco Europe Marketing Manager John Merchant.

But there's more to Blast Works than just an editing suite, with the main game throwing you into land, sea and air missions with the ultimate goal of blowing enemy ships to smithereens while continually growing your own into a massive craft by absorbing their fragments.

Your own ship can also be upgraded with customized weapons, propulsion systems and armor in the Hangar, which you must defend by using the Wii Remote "like an anti-aircraft turret to shoot down enemies attacking from all angles," Majesco explains.

Plus, Blast Works features a two-player co-op that lets you tackle the missions as a team.

The game's being developed by Budcat Creations and is due to release in Fall 2007.

June 27, 2007