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Boss Fight Books Kickstarts its second season of in-depth games writing

Maxwell was here just a few weeks ago, telling you telling you about how much he enjoyed Boss Fight Books: a six-book series that dove deep into a different game across each volume. Now here I am telling you to rocket-propel your browser over to the Kickstarter for the second season because it has a book about Spelunky from the guy who made Spelunky oh my god Spelunky.

It's new territory for the crowdfunded series/publishing label, which has previously invited outside authors to share their experiences with games they found personally significant. But given Spelunky's rise from a PC-exclusive pixel platformer to a cross-console indie superstar, I'm super geeked to read what creator Derek Yu has to say about the journey.

The full lineup also includes an analysis of World of Warcraft. Reading it won't restore the high school social life WoW stole from me, but it may provide some closure.

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