Onechanbara heading to the 360

We can now cross %26ldquo;bloody babes battling zombies%26rdquo; off our list of strange things from Japan we%26rsquo;d like to see in the West since D3Publisher has announced that Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad will be heading to the Xbox 360 in early 2009.

If you%26rsquo;re not already familiar with the Japanese cult hit, imagine Ninja Gaiden-esque action wrapped in Dead or Alive-fashioned cleavage. The game will charge you with slicing your way through hordes of zombies with samurai sisters Aya and Saki. Between Aya%26rsquo;s skimpy bikini and Saki%26rsquo;s short schoolgirl skirt, Bikini Samurai Squad looks like it managed to squeeze two fetishes in a single game.

Above: Pants (and shirts) have been known to interfere with theinterrogation process

Wait. Make that three. In addition to big bosoms and a barely legal schoolgirl, Bikini Samurai Squad also looks extremely bloody. Drenching Aya and Saki in their victims%26rsquo; blood will trigger the Rage mode, which increases their power, agility and sexiness. A co-op mode will also be available so you can enjoy delivering upskirt-revealing high kicks with a friend.

Wii owners who want in on Onechanbara%26rsquo;s bikini action can also look forward to seeing Bikini Samurai Squad%26rsquo;s sequel, Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers in early 2009. Expect more news on both games as their release dates draw nearer. In the meantime, check out the latest screenshots from Bikini Samurai Squad below.

Aug 4, 2008