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Magicka 2 trailer sings of a May release date

Limber up those spellcasting fingers. Paradox and Arrowhead Game Studios have announced that the madcap, menacing, and frequently self-destructive antics of Magicka 2 will hit PC and PS4 on May 26.

The news arrived via the trailer below, which intermingles scenes of 60-frames-per-second gameplay action and a Game of Thrones parody theme sung by a guy who definitely isn't a vampire. If none of that makes sense to you, well, you have until May to play the original game. After you finish, you can look forward to this trailer making roughly 25 percent more sense.

The sequel will once again allow for up to four player co-op across all levels and modes, and ample experimentation with its unique element-combining spellcasting system. If you're not familiar with it, just imagine mashing buttons to create hundreds of unique (mostly destructive) effects as you try not to blow up / be blown up by your friends.

On top of the standard bonus preorder items, buying in early will unlock access to a Sneak Peek weekend on May 5 for you and three friends, plus a special robe for Magicka Wizard Wars.

Connor Sheridan
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