Aeon Flux: First screens

Majesco Games has announced it is to publish the videogame version of Aeon Flux, the sci-fi film starring Oscar starlet and all-round beauty Charlize Theron that is itself based on the quirky Liquid Television cartoon of the same name.

While the original cartoon (that aired on the Liquid Television MTV line-up alongside Beavis %26amp; Butthead) featured a busty, scantily clad, scarily gun-happy monster of a woman, the film - and as such the game - will feature a much subtler character, better designed to please the mainstream cinema audiences who like to look at ladies like Charlize.

As well as playing the starring role in the film, Charlize Theron's likeness and voice will be used in the game too - undoubtedly a welcome addition for many and an increasingly common move for movie licensed games.

So without further ado, check out the two ambiguous, yet oddly intriguing, screenshots we have for you on the right.