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New ESRB rating definitely, definitely confirms BioShock: The Collection. Makes the series sound horrific

It was rated by a Brazilian ratings board back in February, the cover art below was revealed by a Taiwanese ratings board shortly after, and now we've got a definitive rating for BioShock: The Collection from US ratings board, the ESRB. Confirmed for PS4, Xbox One and PC, the rating states that this is the complete trilogy of lighthouse and man shooters and also manages to make the game's content sound even more disturbing than the first time around.

As well as "shotguns, machine guns, rivet guns, and rocket launchers [used] to kill mutated citizens and enemy soldiers", the listing goes on to breakdown the series into your ability to use "a three-pronged hook to dismember and decapitate them" and "large blood-spatter effects." Add in the "pools of blood" and it's a veritable gorefest. Enjoy the sample below.

"Cutscenes also depict intense acts of violence: characters shot in the SPOILER at close range; a woman smothered to death with a SPOILER; a man impaled by a SPOILER; a character nearly SPOILER with surgical tools. The social/political backdrop of one fictional city (set in the year 1912) includes the use of derogatory ethnic/racial terms..." We're not saying any of those but you get the idea.

There's no date on there but we must be getting close. Bring me that dismemberment.

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