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Spurious Awards Of The Week

Tourist Information Of The Week

William Shatner presenting Have I Got News For You was always going to be good, but who knew it was going to be awesome ? Who cares that he couldn’t read the autocue? It wouldn’t have been half as much fun if he could. Or if he had ever heard of "Ian Hilsop” and “Paul Morton”. Stand out moments included his typically unique rendition of the Sex Pistols' “God Save The Queen” and his instant review of the town of “Ifracoooooooooombe” (above). Whoever booked him for the show deserves a knighthood.

Des Res Of The Week

In the season four finale of US TV show Parks And Recreation , Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt) makes a list of alternative “Places To Live,” which includes at least three locations that would require a certain leap of imagination to get there: Winterfell, Pegasus, and New Caprica.

Cannes Hopeful Of The Year

The makers of Piranha 3DD consider the film’s potential to win major film awards…

Mash-Up Of The Week

Batman characters in the style of Dr Seuss, as Tweeted by The League Of Gentlemen's Reece Shearsmith .

Cheat Of The Week

Portal makes a glorious return to its natural habitat – Spurious Awards – in this delightfully silly video that imagines what Street Fighter 2 would be like if there were a cheat that allowed you to use a Portal gun. Easy, basically.

Recession-Friendly Present Of The Week

Feeling a little cash-strapped? Son or daughter’s birthday coming up? Now you can promise them a lightsaber, a Transformer, a Tyrannosaurus and/or anything else you can think of and not break the bank. By giving them Lego. Oh, you could give them Play-Doh as well (because Hasbro has clearly nicked this ad idea off the Lego campaign) but then you’d be stuck with odd-smelling putty being trod into your carpets.

New Doctor Who Adventure Of The Week

No, Doctor Who series seven hasn’t started early. This is the winner of the 2012 Script To Screen competition.

Crossover Of The Week

Well, Disney owns Pixar and is in a distribution deal with Marvel, so an Avengers / Brave crossover is possible

Cocktails Of The Week

Created by More I Arty , via That’s Nerdalicious .