Wuthering Heights nabs Arnold

Fish Tank director Andrea Arnold has taken over the reins of the new film adaptation of Wuthering Heights .

Director Peter Webber left the project back in December, meaning cast Gemma Arterton and Gossip Girl ’s Ed Westwick (below) officially had nobody to yell at them from behind the camera.

Arnold, who won an Oscar back in 2005 for her short film Wasp , will be adding her version of Heights to the numerous others, including the Laurence Olivier classic from 1939, and Ralph Fiennes’ stab back in 1992.

Olivia Hetreed, of Girl With the Pearl Earring , has written the script, adapted from Emily Brontë’s classic tome.

The story follows a poor lad named Heathcliff, who is taken in by the affluent Earnshaw family. There, he quickly develops an intense relationship with Cathy, his foster sister.

Expect creepy moors aplenty and the name "Heathcliff!" to be yelled a fair bit.

Can Arnold pull off period? Enter the debate...

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