William The Conqueror action script bought

Killer Films, best known for the likes of Boys Don’t Cry, has decided to try action with William The Conqueror.

Variety has it that writers Brian Edgar and Derek Wallbank have penned a script that will chronicle part of William’s life.

It’ll track him from his early days as the illegitimate son of the Duke Of Normandy to his fateful invasion of England in 1066 with the Battle Of Hastings.

"Big-budget studio movie"

"This is a big-budget studio movie. For many years we've been interested in a bigger canvas. It was just a matter of finding the right project," Killer Films' Pamela Koffler tells Variety.

Blimey… It must be the day for indie companies taking the leap into action. First The Courier, and now this. Next month, expect Merchant Ivory to announce EM Forster’s Death Wears A Grenade-Filled Corset.

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