Universal turn down Ron Howard's adap of The Dark Tower

dark tower

Universal have bailed on the ambitious multi-media adaptation of Stephen King’s seven-book series The Dark Tower .

Previously, director Ron Howard had painstakingly set out a game plan with the studio that involved turning the books into three movies and two seasons of a TV show.

Just last month, Universal stalled the project, and requested that Howard, his producer Brian Grazer and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman find a way to tighten the project’s budget.

Now the studio have ditched the project entirely, balking at the costs involved in such a grand undertaking.

But could Warner Bros come to the rescue? With Universal passing on the adaptation, Howard can now shop his project around the rest of Hollywood.

And seeing as the WB is desperate to find a megabuck replacement for its recently completed Harry Potter franchise, Dark Tower could be just the ticket.

In the meantime, Howard will helm Formula 1 biopic Rush , which will star Thor ’s Chris Hemsworth.

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