Universal reactivates Colossus

Before James Cameron’s Skynet decided to throw a first strike against humanity in The Terminator, and before War Games’ WOPR reasoned that a battle simulation was a good enough reason to wipe us all off the face of the Earth, there was Colossus.

The star of 1970’s Colossus: The Forbin Project was a supercomputer designed by a tech nerd for the US government as a defence mechanism. But the machine decides that the best way to protect us all is to take over and start running the place without, you know, really asking anyone. Sort of like the current US Government, but with a more liberal attitude.

Now Brian Grazer has decided that the time is ripe for a remake. He’s hired writer Jason Rothenberg to write a new version based on the original source material – DF Jones’ novel, which will update the story and be filmed as simply Colossus.

And with Grazer on board, you know what follows – Universal is involved and a certain redheaded director named Ron Howard is already considering adding it to his To Do list. That is, once he’s finished making the cinematic version of Frost/Nixon and Da Vinci prequel Angels And Demons.

But of course, the idea that a computer could take over anything is of course, absolute non- 10 PRINT DESTROY ALL HUMANS. 20 GOTO 10.
Sorry, not sure what happened there.

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