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Top Gun 2 will definitely star Maverick

Top Gun

Tom Cruise could yet show up in Top Gun 2 , if the team behind the sequel have anything to do with it.

Previous unconfirmed rumours had it that the star would briefly reprise his role of Maverick - the daredevil pilot who was the star of the 1986 Top Gun - in the upcoming sequel.

Now, screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie - most famous for penning twisty mystery The Usual Suspects - has confirmed to Vulture that “there is no Top Gun 2 in which Maverick is not the starring role”.

Which either means McQuarrie and returning director Tony Scott need to find a way to woo back Cruise (can it really be that hard considering the man just made the pap-happy Knight & Day ?), or find a lookey-likey big name to replace him (we hear Ben Stiller’s available…)

With the plot of the sequel, according to Scott, surrounding a group of Airforce computer nerds who control fighter planes by remote, it's hard to figure out just where Maverick would fit in. A Maverick piloting a remote control plane is not a Maverick we want to see.

Really, this could go either way. Cruise remains convinced he’s America’s hero, which could either destroy Gun 2 , or give it a vital edge. We’re hoping for the latter…