Toni Collette off to The United States Of Tara

Most thesps would jump at the chance to work with Steven Spielberg, and Toni Collette is obviously no exception.

And with TV once more such a thriving medium attracting big-name actors, it only makes sense that a show produced by the Great Beard would be an ideal chance to make the jump.

Collette has signed on to the lead of The United States Of Tara, the tale of Tara Gregor, a wife and mother who appears to be a regular hausfrau but hides a difficult secret – disassociative identity disorder. She’s forced to deal with various personalities (including a teenage girl and an adult man) as they emerge during stressful moments.

Juno writer Diablo Cody is clearing space in her schedule to write the pilot and executive produce the show for US network Showtime.

And Spielberg, who’s had his share of big successes on the small screen with the likes of Band Of Brothers and Taken, will oversee the new comedy. Controversial? Maybe. But let’s see if it gets picked up first…