Thundercats are loose!

Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight! All right, so maybe you don’t need a bleedin’ magical sword to envision the idea that once Transformers and He-Man got plunged into cool greenlight water after a spell in the development forge, every other nostalgia-driven ‘80s cartoon franchise was destined to follow.

Warners, now home to He-Man, has nabbed a script by Paul Sopocy that will unravel the origin story of humanoid cats Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro and lady warrior Cheetara – collectively known as Thundercats.

And if you’re too young to recall the ‘toon’s, story here’s a quick summary: our four heroes flee the destruction of planet Thundera (they were really imaginative with names on the show) and crash land on a planet called Third Earth. There, they must do battle with the mummy-like Mumm-Ra (again with the clever names), an evil sorcerer who has the power to become a demonic creature.

Apparently, the screenplay fashions an origin story for our heroes, following Lion-O’s coming of age quest to become their leader. We just hope they kill off ultra-annoying sidekick Snarf in the first five minutes.

Oh, and fans of the original still obsessed with the lovely Cheetara, keep repeating to yourselves: she’s only a cat lady. A cartoon cat lady at that.

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