The next Live Free Or Die Hard trailer arrives

According to the latest trailer for Live Free Or Die Hard, “the entire world relies on technology”. Tell that to a nomadic tribesman living in the desert who’s never so much as seen an Internet café.

But for those of us who live with our iPods plugged into our ears and our days surfing the wide, wide world of web, the threat of cyber-terrorists taking down the developed world’s computer systems is one that can instil plenty of terrible thoughts. Think of all that porn left where no one can find it! Er…

Anyway, all this waffling has a point – the new international trailer is indeed online thanks to the people at Fox, and you can find it by clicking here . A lot of the footage is recycled from the trailer that’s already on the net, but there is some new material, mostly things blowing up again and McClane looking grim at the prospect of another day that’ll make even Jack Bauer balk. Oh, and unfortunately it’s in annoying Windows Media format, but QuickTime should be online soon.

The fourth bullet ballet will arrive in the UK this July.

Source: ( Fox Film )