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The full Bronte

How’s this for a power actress team up: Evan Rachel Wood, Michelle Williams and Bryce Dallas Howard have all signed on to play the titular sisters in Bronte, a brand new biopic that chronicles the scribbling siblings.

Charles Sturridge has penned the script and will start shooting the film in September, telling the tale of how the three sisters – Emily (Wuthering Heights), Charlotte (Jane Eyre) and Anne (The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall) grew to become the type of writers that have plagued English students for years.

The plot will follow their younger years as they grew up entertaining themselves during an isolated childhood on the Yorkshire moors alongside charismatic brother Branwell, only to see him fall into alcohol abuse and opium addiction. His condition made the trio break into the man-dominated word of writing, initially by adopting male pseudonyms.

"My family comes from Yorkshire, and I grew up with five sisters, so this is a story I have always wanted to tell,” blabbed Sturridge to Variety . Nice idea, but that’s how Last Of The Summer Wine started out, too. Let’s hope this avoids scenes of grumbly old blokes careering down hills in wheeled bathtubs.

Source: ( Variety )