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Steve Carell to play singer Dennis Lambert?

Steve Carell is being courted for the lead role in a remake of Dennis Lambert biopic Of All The Things .

The singer became famous after forging hits ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’, ‘We Built This City’ and ‘Nightshift’, and is the subject of a 2008 documentary also entitled Of All The Things (below), which followed him during a five-date comeback tour at the age of 60.

Warner Bros are now planning on creating a fictional recreation of that tour, and they want Carell to play Lambert.

No word yet how they plan on adapting it into a narrative movie, but we imagine it will either be a comedy vehicle for Carell, or a chance for him to ‘go straight’ and do a little dramatical emoting (a la Jim Carrey).

Source: [ Vulture ]

Fancy Carell going straight with a drama? Or should he stick with comedy?