Shirley MacLaine gets violent for Poor Things

We’ve known since at least the days of Monty Python’s Hell’s Grannies that, far from being kindly, silver-haired, gummy-kissing ladies, grandmothers are hellions who like nothing more than robbing, beating and scandalising the youth of today.

Shirley MacLaine and Olympia Dukakis know the truth, and that’s why they’ve signed on to the cast of Poor Things, about a gang of oldies who go on a criminal rampage.

There are no solid plot details yet, but writer Trent Haaga has apparently based his script on real news stories about the trial and convictions of elderly criminals for everything from drug dealing to insurance fraud and murder.

The man calling the shots (and, presumably, trying to keep the cast from bingeing on Werther’s Originals between takes) is Ash Baron Cohen who, in case you were wondering, is indeed the cousin of Borat’s Sacha. He plans to start shooting in May.