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Scream 4: more set photos

Scream 4

Scream 4 continues to shoot over in the Michigan sun, and a few more fun-if-you’re-a- Scream -lover snaps have surfaced online.

It seems that Sidney Prescott has jumped onto the book bandwagon, having penned her own autobiographical novel. Bit of a turn around for the young survivor, who once smacked Gale Weathers in the face for penning a similarly tell-all tome.

Other shots, which can be seen over at Before The Trailer , reveal police cars emblazoned with the Woodsboro logo, as well as general set dressing that makes it looks like Woodsboro is the most cultural town in America.

There’s also a brief, faraway shot of Wes Craven as he does his stuff on-set.

It also seems that the rumour mill has quietened down a bit after all the reports last week that suggested scriptwriter Kevin Williamson had been turfed out and replaced with Ehren Scream 3 Kruger.

Seems Williamson’s just too busy on season two of Vampire Diaries to complete necessary polishing – at least that’s Dimension’s spin on things.

Scream 4 is due out April 2011.

Source: [ Before The Trailer ]

Will you be screaming in the front row when this gets released?