Scream 4 cast being lined up

New decade. New cast of nubile young things to slice and dice.

With Scream 4 set to start filming this July, returning director Wes Craven and Dimension Studios are looking for the fresh-faced teens who will become Ghostface fodder in the belated sequel.

Who’ve they got in mind? Well, Twilight ’s Ashley Greene, Heroes ’ Hayden Panettiere, It’s Complicated ’s Lake Bell and Mean Creek ’s Rory Culkin have all been approached.

If they accept the roles, Greene (below) would play Courteney Cox’s cousin Jill (great likeness if you ask us) and Culkin would be her squeeze.

Meanwhile, Panettiere would take on the Randy role as a geeky film nerd (giving her a break from the cheerleading outfits), and Bell would play a police officer who knew Neve Campbell’s Sidney at high school.

“It’s very much about the last 10 years, and where we are right now,” Wes Craven revealed recently.

“‘New decade, new rules’ is very much the keynote of the film, that is, trying to figure out what sort of rules [ the new Ghostface ] is following. How do we fight this killer without a road map? We have to figure out where we are.”

Scream 4 is set for release on 15 April 2011.

Source: [ Heat Vision (opens in new tab) ]

Ready to Scream again? Who would you like to play the young knife-fodder?

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