Sandra Bullock chases another Oscar in Our Brand is Crisis trailer

The first trailer for David Gordon Green's Our Brand is Crisis shows a comedy-drama starring Sandra Bullock as a retired American political strategist. She hightails it to Bolivia to aid a candidate in the nation's presidential race, and hr seemingly straightforward return to work becomes a complicated and amusing experience.

Based on the 2005 documentary of the same name, the film is a fictionalised retelling of the events that took place between Jane Bodine and her 'nemesis' Pat Candy, played by Billy Bob Thornton. Touches of Green's typical genre - comedy - flair up in this tentative tease, with the biggest guffaws coming from Bullock and Thornton's altercations.

Our Brand is Crisis doesn't look like a straight-laced piece of awards bait by any means, yet its balance of amusing asides and real-life origins just might push it into the Oscar race. Co-starring Anthony Mackie Zoe Kazan and Scoot McNairy, Our Brand Is Crisis opens in the US on October 30, 2015.

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