Samuel L Jackson scrubs up for The Cleaner

Can you picture Samuel L Jackson slipping into overalls, pulling on a pair of rubber gloves and getting down on his hands and knees to clean up a crime scene?

Us neither, but apparently Sam the man can: he’s signed on to Matthew Aldrich’s thriller The Cleaner, about Tom, a neat freak (think Tony Shalhoub’s obsessive ‘tec Monk) who has found an outlet via cleaning up after the police are finished with crime scenes.

Obviously mopping up what’s left once the super-cool CSI-type forensic teams have collected their samples to the sound of the latest tunes doesn’t make for the most scintillating plot, so Tom’s life goes awry when he discovers that his latest assignment was a murder covered up by someone who has links to his own family’s hidden secrets.

Jackson will be reporting for shooting this January in Shreveport, Louisiana.